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Construction is a big part of what we do at Focus Paving. In order to ensure that a project is completed to the highest quality it needs to be underpinned by effective planning. This requires experience and knowledge of the issues that can potentially arise, as well as considerable engineering skills.

Unfortunately our industry is sometimes blighted by so-called “cowboy builders” who will not complete a job with the care and attention that it requires, and in some cases do not complete the job at all. With Focus Paving you needn’t worry. We are professional and capable, and will make sure that your project is completed to the highest quality.

We also have the skills and experience to be able to take account of the engineering challenges that a job can present, such as being situated above sensitive cables and pipes, or if an area requires particular attention to drainage issues. In doing so, we ensure that once a job is completed, you will not have to pay for further remedial work in the future.

Whether it’s for commercial or residential projects, private or public sector, we are able to handle jobs of any size from small patios and driveways to large civic projects. Based in Edgware, North London we cater primarily for London and the South-East, although we are able to work nearly anywhere in the country.

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